“Terrifying…will have you checking your closet before you go to bed…twice.”
-Tyner Gillies, author of Dark Resolution and The Watch

Jack Bishop always dreamed of becoming a writer.
That ambition finally became reality with his critically acclaimed debut novel, but following up on that success has proved difficult. For over a year, he has failed to produce a new bestseller and his publisher is losing patience.

In a last ditch effort to save his floundering career, Jack is sent to the renowned writer’s retreat, Wabasso Lake, with orders to finish his manuscript in record time. Jack’s first impression of Wabasso is that of an idyllic place to work, but despite being surrounded by awe inspiring nature and the lovely Kate, a fellow author, he continues to be plagued by self doubt.

It is with the discovery of a hidden manuscript that Jack begins to scratch the surface of the retreat’s sinister purpose. As visions of fictional characters inundate Jack’s waking life, he is driven to the brink of madness. A diabolical intelligence has stirred. Wabasso wants something from Jack, but is he willing to pay that price to achieve his greatest desire?

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Sacra Obscurum Title
“One of the best first novels of the year”
-Tim Potter, Hellnotes.com

Clinical psychiatrist, Matt Dawson, is returning home to the seaside town of Saint Andrews after the sudden passing of his father, Stanley. Matt must put his own career on hold while he oversees Stanley’s practice. Among the patients thrust into his care is the withdrawn Morris Dykeman—a man accused of a brutal murder several years ago.

As he strives to uncover his patient’s past, Matt learns of Stanley’s interest in the occult and rumors persist that he was involved in a bloody night in 1952 that changed the town forever.

Now Matt searches for a rare book that can unlock the truth behind the events of that night and the killing spree that followed. But, a group of influential townspeople stands in the way and will stop at nothing to prevent Matt from learning the secrets of the Sacra Obscurum.

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