Todd Allen1BW
Allen was born in 1976 in southern New Brunswick, Canada, and still makes his home there along with his wife, Michelle, and daughter Maya. A lifelong horror fan, Todd had his first run-in with the genre at an early age.

“One night when I was very young, five or six-years-old, The Changeling starring George C. Scott came on television. I wasn’t a kid who got a lot of direct supervision from his parents and so I ended up watching the movie by myself. Now, if you’ve seen it, you probably remember the scene where Trish Van Devere is chased through the house by the dead boy’s empty wheelchair. Well, I had never been so scared watching anything in my life. Until then, I had no idea that some movies were made with the intention of frightening people. It was a traumatic experience for a boy of my tender age and I don’t think I got a full night’s sleep for days afterward.”

“As time went by, and the effects of my first horror movie began to fade, I learned something about myself that every other sick puppy who loves horror ultimately learns—I liked being scared. The revved heartbeat. The goose bumps all over. The tensed muscles. I never felt so alive as when I was scared to death. I tried to recreate the experience, and Hollywood didn’t disappoint. I discovered Poltergeist and Amityville then Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger, all the while trying to recapture the absolute terror The Changeling stirred inside me. I guess you could say I was chasing the dragon. I still am.”

It wasn’t long before this fascination with horror spilled from the screen and onto the page.

“My older brother was already a big Stephen King fan. He had several of his paperbacks lying around the house and I used to pick them up, read bits and pieces here and there. Then I found Pet Sematary. I was awestruck. I read it cover to cover and I think I touched the dragon’s tail with that one.”

“King led to Straub, led to Laymon, led to Barker. My appreciation of horror literature took me back to its roots. I discovered M. R. James and Arthur Conan Doyle and H. P. Lovecraft. I read so many fantastic works and still hungered for more. I only began satisfying that appetite when I started putting my own stories into words.”

Todd’s debut novel, Sacra Obscurum, was published by Caliburn Press in March of 2015. He has since followed up with the 2017 release, No Greater Agony, from Dark Dragon Publishing.